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Material Guide

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Corner Samples


10 Step Guide ] Corner ] Estimates ] Pricing ]


FYI (Technical Information)

Rustic product prices include 50% to 75% hand hewing.  For 100% hand hewing, add  2 cents  per inch per ft. of surface.

Hand hewing is offered on all machined product.  Add 5 cents per inch per ft. of surface.  Example:  An 800M log has 14 inches of surface x 5 cents = .70 per lineal ft.

All precut orders require a blueprint.  Cost bids are based on the blueprint.

When ordering corner notches the measurement should be taken from the center of the notch to the end of tail.

Swedish cope vertical end notches must be drawn according to the exact placement of the notch showing the measurement between notches.

An order may include both random and specific lengths.  Add 20% for logs of specific lengths.

Add the corner cost to orders requiring random length logs with precut corners.

When ordering swale corners  give the length of the tail on the various overhangs measuring from the center of the notch to the end of the tail.

A projected delivery date is given when an order is placed.  If more than a week lapses before the order is finalized the delivery date should be reconfirmed.  The customer should be aware that delivery can be affected by raw product availability, weather, drying time and milling schedules.  The best way to assure the customer of a certain delivery  date is to order as far ahead of schedule as possible.

Many times an early deposit is made on the wall log portion of an order prior to engineering and the beams, rafters and other components are ordered after structural engineering has been completed.  This allows the wall logs to dry and the total package to be delivered soon after permits are secured and the foundation has been installed.

A down payment of 25% is required to hold the price 6 months.  50% is required to put the order into production and the balance is due when the order is completed.  Payment must be received before the order is shipped. After 30 days, a storing charge of 5% of the wholesale price of the materials is charged for inside storage and 2% is charged to store the materials outside.  If the product is stored for a prolonged period of time it may dry below 10% and some loss may occur. The company is not responsible for losses incurred during storage.

A 3% discount is given for payments of 100% that are taken 90 to 120 days prior to a projected delivery date.  A 5% discount over 120 days.

The customer should be aware of the Cancellation Policy and the fact that additions and/or changes can delay the order.  Order changes can be made prior to a 50% down payment.  An order change after a payment of 50% is handled the same as a cancellation.

It is important to gain product knowledge and to know what the competition is selling in the area.  Dry or wet materials?  Lathed or planed?  Planed or rough sawn?  Sanded or hewn?  Are their prices based on short or long lengths?  What about quality grading?  Structural grading?  Facial grades?  Transportation?  What are their stack heights and the dimensions of their products?  Type of promo items and advertising support?  All are key factors in determining cost.  Mill run products with little grade out and no end trim are standard for much of the industry.

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