How much does a New Homestead USA Log Home cost?

Cost for labor will vary in each local area.  The cost of materials will also vary, depending upon the size of wall logs, rafter systems and wood species.   The local distributor  will give you an idea after you answer a few questions.  Since New Homestead USA has a large selection of sizes, grades and species, we can generally  fit a realistic budget.  The New Homestead Materials Guide  illustrates all of the many products offered by the company.

What are Quality Grades?

The following Explanation of Quality Grades is New Homestead system of grading for facial integrity.  Structural grading is also available upon request.

#1 Grade. Materials are saw kerfed to provide a stress relief as the product is drying.  This allows the log to dry faster and controls warping and the appearance of large checks in the finished product.  This product is of the highest standard for facial integrity and structural strength.  It also carries technology to be the most stable, with the greatest longevity.   Wall logs are kiln dried or air dried to a moisture range of 20%.  Rafters may be of a higher moisture content.

#2 Grade. Materials are of a high average industry grade.  The logs are generally cut from dead standing trees that are harvested within a year or two after they die.  This allows the tree to dry to a moisture level of 15% to 23%.  #2 logs usually have very little warp because drying takes place while the tree is still standing.  Check sizes are larger than that of the #1 Grade, since the stress has already been released.  #2 Grade wall logs and rafters are sound and second only to the # 1 Grade in structural strength and facial beauty.

#3 Grade. Materials are generally milled from dead wood that has seasoned for some time. Larger checks are allowed, as well as larger knots. The product is not recommended for high snow load structural rafters. The product works well in dry climates, but does not have longevity to withstand wet climates. M-30 rustic wall logs may be rough sawn or lathe turned. Bug holes and spiral checks may be in the product and some bark and planer skips may be visable. End trim cuts and lumber wrap are extra.

Green Logs Materials are considered to have a moisture level over 30% and may contain pitch.  This product may be used for rafters or beams, where settling is not a large concern.  When green product is used for wall logs, adjustments need to be made in construction to deal with settling.  Prices for green logs are bid on a daily basis.

What are the most common wood species?

In the western United State we have access to western red cedar, lodge pole pine, ponderosa pine, spruce and fir.  In the eastern U.S.,  white pine and red pine are common choices.

What are the most common profiles and sizes that are used in a standard home?

The 1st choice is  the 8" Swedish cope,  2nd choice,  8" D-Log with double tongue and groove and 3rd choice, 8" hand hewn rustic.

What warranties apply to New Homestead products?

New Homestead products are warranted to meet designated grading specifications under which they are sold  or New Homestead will replace the product, prior to use in construction.  Life of materials will vary, depending upon design of the log, type of protective coating and  frequency  of applications.

Where do we begin?

First of all, you need to be realistic about what you can afford.  Many banks or mortgage companies have a Payment Qualification Chart   that designates the monthly payment you can afford, based on your income.     Next, you need to consider your building site or real estate.  Once you know your budget, land cost and layout of the property,  a distributor can help you determine a design and floor plan.   Your New Homestead distributor and builder will help you arrive at a plan to suit your budget. New Homestead's Ten Step Guide to Construction  has been designed to help you through the process.

Can an addition be made to a log home?  Can an existing home be made to look like a log home?

Yes, additions and/or remodeling can be accomplished with siding or full log.  New Homestead  makes sidings to match each full log product.

Can we get log rafters and beams?

Yes, long length rafters and beams are produced in our own sawmill.

Does New Homestead produce precut systems?

Yes, New Homestead USA produces precut log packages, precut corners and materials by the lineal foot.  Products of specific lengths are also produced.  Your distributor will help determine the most economical system for your plan.

How long does it take to receive wall logs and other components
after they have been ordered?

The time will vary depending upon prior orders, raw product availability and drying time of materials.  When a final selection has been made, your distributor will give you a projected delivery date.  It is wise to order well in advance to secure an appropriate delivery date.

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