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Why New Homestead USA?

1.) New Homestead USA is owned by local distributors.  This allows the customer to purchase factory direct at a lower price.  You receive local service, giving you the advantage of better communicating your wants and needs.

2.) New Homestead USA has a greater selection of log home components than any other manufacturer in the business.   You have  flexibility in achieving the design of your dreams and all of the components are grouped with one supplier.

3.) New Homestead USA has a  product line that can be adapted to fit any floor plan. Your custom designed plan can be bid in the log style, product grade and wood species you desire.

4.) New Homestead USA offers kiln dried, air dried, dead standing and green products.  Each is offered in a  structural  and in-house facial grade.  Your local distributor will  assist in your selection of product to best suit your budget, taste  and climate.

5.) Your New Homestead USA distributor offers design, blueprinting and engineering assistance to secure your approved plans for construction.

6.) Materials manufactured for New Homestead USA are warranted to meet specifications or the product is replaced prior to being put into the building.

7.) New Homestead USA wants their customers to have the best log home in the industry for the investment.  This is the reason we offer different grades of product  and the flexibility to fit your needs.

8.) New Homestead USA produces materials for projects of all sizes and ships anywhere in the world.

We make it easy

New Homestead USA is a distributor owned company, capable of producing all of your log home building needs.  A local, professional builder will listen to your dreams and help you design a home to fit your personality, lifestyle and budget.

*  Purchase factory direct

 *  Local service

 *  Greatest selection of components, sidings included

 *  Greatest variety of log profiles

*  Three quality grades, including kiln dried

 *  Standard and custom designed plans

Design, blue printing and engineering assistance

 *  Free cost estimates

 *  Projects of all sizes

*  Ship anywhere in the world

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